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As the inventor of the Biocyn formulation, I have spent a decade working on products which can safely and effectively heal animal wounds. Growing up on a farm, I was exposed to a myriad of animals injuries. Working in the pharmaceutical world, I saw first hand that products manufactured by "Big Pharma" were losing their efficacy as well as diminishing animal resistance to infection-all to make a dollar. When my prized show horse died from a bacterial infection and there were no products available to save her and a major animal healthcare manufacturer sold me a product that crippled another of my horses, I had reached my break point. That was my motivation to create a new technology-BIOCYN 

I don't do this for the money, I do it for my genuine love of all people and animals. Animals can't speak to us in the same fashion as humans, but they certainly can communicate. When they are in pain, we can see it. Anyone knowledgable in the healing process understands that before healing can occur, the pain needs to subside. What I developed are products are easy to use for treatment of bacterial, fungal, yeast and viral infections. They immediately reduce the pain and inflammation, are non-antibiotic and are veterinarian tested and endorsed.  We use proven formulations for natural treatment. In short we have developed-"A Better Way To Heal"

"A Better Way To Heal"


When you care about your pets and they are injured, you want the very best treatment for them. Veterinarian visits average over $250, so it you can treat your loved one at home safely and effectively that's a great option. BiocynVet products focus treatment on the affected area creating a platform for a natural healing process.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We are prepared for your pets' needs and are confident that your pet will receive the best products for their quick recovery. Their happiness and care is our number one priority and we provide products we use on our own pets. If you don't like how our products work we will refund your payment in full.

Our Formulation

Natural Ingredients


BiocynVet products are manufactured using oxygen activated natural ingredients including zinc, gotu kola, grapefruit seed extract, aloe vera and kelp extract. 

Revolutionary Technology


The temperature activated foam adheres to the infected area while quickly penetrating into the wound. The oxygen activated ingredients stimulate a natural recovery process. To protect the wound, the formulation leaves an invisible protective bandage to inhibit reinfection.

Broad Spectrum Treatment


Safe for all animals-large and small including you, the BIocyn formulation is effective treatment for abrasions, abscesses, burns, cuts, puncture wounds, ring worm, thrush, viral infections. It works on any bacterial, fungal, yeast or virus caused infections


What are Users Saying about BiocynVet products

Gail from Colorado says-I tried everything on the infection on my dog's nose. Applied the BiocynVet wound foam and it was gone in 3 days

Dr. Register DMV WIsconsin-I use the Biocyn products on our clients animals as well as for my personal use. It is easy to use, effective and last as long time.

Laura from Montana says-When our large Czech Shepard suffered  a puncture wound in a sensitive area that was difficult to treat, the Biocyn foam was a life saver. Easy to apply and he didn't lick it. With lots of hair and fur around the wound, it made treating simple



What's New At Biocyn

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Question: Can the Biocyn Products be used on me as well as my animal?

Answer: Biocyn uses ingredients that are safe for use on all animals. The formulation is unique in that it addresses the healing of infections that effect both people and animals. It is a must travel product for biking, hiking and fishing. With the protective plastic case and D-ring, it can be attached to anything-only thing you need for abrasions, burns, bite and cuts.

Question: Cats are particularly prone to allergic reactions to products especially herbal remedies, will my cat react to the Biocyn formulation

Answer: During the development of the product formulation, we researched the types of herbal components as well as safe levels for their use. Interestingly enough, people in similar fashion are effected by herbal extracts at higher doses. The answer is No, your cat will not be effected, In fact the BiocynVet foam is used by one of the top cat surgeons in the Western US.

Question: Can the BiocynVet products be over used?

Answer: This is an excellent question. The standard treatment protocol for the products is 3-5 days. In particular, after that period of time, if the foam is applied, the area around the would can dry out and crack-giving the appearance that the product is not effective. With severe wounds it is best to apply according to recommendation. 

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